Buried in all the press about Carly getting on her motorcycle yesterday was the fact that T-Mobile was going to start calling out the other carriers on how fast their 4G networks are. An interesting fight to pick considering that T-Mobile’s “4G” is only HSPA+ and AT&T and Verizon’s is LTE. Well, LTE is leaps and bounds faster than HSPA+ so T-Mobile picked a fight against 3G instead. Their new Test Drive website stacks the Galaxy SII, Amaze 4G and One S up against the Verizon iPhone in network speed tests, and surprise surprise, the HSPA+ beats the 3G.

The question remains: why? T-Mo is certainly making some noise with this new marketing campaign and maybe that is what they are looking to do. Does this make you think differently about T-Mobile after seeing it?

Test Drive