A rogue user agent string was sniffed out by the ninjas at TmoNews that has us all a little confused. It’s a Samsung device that has a 1280×720 screen with an ARM11 chipset inside. With the recent announcement of the Galaxy SIII you might think that T-Mobile is gearing up for the SIII launch, but TmoNews is firm in their belief the SIII will launch under the T999 model number. Where does that leave the T699?

How about a Galaxy Nexus? The description fits: same screen resolution and chipset so it’s possible. The unlocked Galaxy Nexus already works on T-Mo’s spectrum but could the magenta carrier be making things officially and launching the phone themselves? This is all opinion and speculation at this point but there is possibility. T-Mobile customers; do you want your carrier picking up the Galaxy Nexus or focusing on the next Nexus?

Via: TmoNews