The HTC Amaze 4G may have just gotten it’s official bump to Android 4.0.3 the other day, but that did not come with Sense 4.0. Arguably their best Sense to-date is not going to be included on any of their older phones. It is being saved for the new One series of phones. If you want the new version of Sense, you have to go the developer route, and the Amaze has a booting port of Sense 4.0, but booting is about all it does.

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This is still very much a work-in-progress according to XDA member sportsstar89. The phone boots, the touchscreen works and Bluetooth for some reason is already functional; everything else, not so much. But knowing the community surrounding HTC devices this port will pick up steam pretty quickly. If this is possible, what then is to be made about HTC saying that hardware-specific problems keep Sense 4 from older phones?

Via: XDA