The poor Galaxy SIII is being picked through every inch before it even hits our greedy little hands. Today, XDA has a few of the new version of TouchWiz for you if you have the predecessor, the Galaxy SII, or the Galaxy Note. The overall feel of TouchWiz has been upgrade over the earlier versions, but TouchWiz is going to have to impress a lot of people to make a comeback. Kellex, who got to play with the Galaxy SIII at CTIA this year, admitted that Samsung added some new things in but said that TouchWiz “still looks like a cartooon and is ugly.”

If you do enjoy TouchWiz though, downloads can be had below. For the Galaxy SII the file just replaces the old TouchWiz framework, but for the Galaxy Note requires a new ROM to be flashed if you’re looking for the upgrade. Whether or not it’s worth it is up to you, but please, make a back-up before you do anything too crazy.

Via: Pocketnow | XDA (1) (2)