If you just landed here and are already a reader of Droid Life, you are probably asking yourself, “What is the difference between the two sites?” The answer is sort of simple. Droid Life is our flagship site, but the focus has always been on Verizon’s Android device lineup, along with other general Android talk to make sure that its readers are always up to date. As our readership has grown there over the years, we realized that many were more than just Big Red customers. It was clear that we needed to find an outlet to talk about Android devices from AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint as well, without disrupting the flow. Enter Android Life.


Kellex (Kellen) – Owner / Editor

-kellex at droid-life dot com

Going third person in this description might come off as slightly odd, seeing as I created this pink beast, so let’s try to roll through and past that awkwardness.  I’m a giant sports nut who found himself obsessed with the Motorola Droid.

Being a blogging machine, creating a site about the Droid just made sense.  You see, I only create and pour my heart into something if I truly believe in it, and the Droid is one of those things.

The best part so far?  Receiving such a warm welcome from the technology crowd and really creating a solid community.

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Tim-o-Tato (Tim W.) – Associate Editor

-timotato at droid-life dot com

Tim came to Droid Life first as a casual reader, but quickly found himself dominating our comment strings all while turning into a Droid Life commenting celebrity.  In fact, Mr. Tato became the resident tech support master and it only seemed fitting that he take his skills onto the actual blog.  He’s one of the rocks to this great community we have here at DL and says he wouldn’t trade it for anything except maybe a 2GHz Droid with 45 hours of talk time.

You can also find Tim in San Francisco playing guitar in his band Abriel or in the dark corner of a pub sipping back local or foreign brews.

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Eric R. –  Writer

-eric at droid-life dot com

After being frustrated with his numerous Blackberries, Eric moved to the OG Droid and it was love at first touch. The fad turned into a hobby and then into a lifestyle as Eric upgraded to a D2, and now has a D3. He is the type of guy to see someone running a DX with 2.2 on it, go up to them and show them how to pull the OTA down.

Eric is a student of Journalism at Indiana University and hopes to pursue a career in tech or video game journalism. If you have connections to either of those two, be sure to let him know.

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MrPicolas (Tim S.) – Writer

You may also know Tim as Dr. Root and the man behind all of your rooting needs here at Droid Life.  His wife will tell you that he has “electronics issues” but he’ll quickly deny it while showing off his collection of Droid devices to rival anyones.  He’s a former Blackberry owner that grew frustrated with their lack of innovation bringing him to Android where is now a self-taught guru who can’t get enough info.   Representing Northeast Ohio, MrPicolas is an automated-news machine.

Tim is also the proud father of 5 rambunctious children who will most definitely be Android enthusiasts one day.

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