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Video: AT&T’s LG Nitro HD Gets A Leak Of Ice Cream Sandwich, When Can We See It?

Tweet Every handset maker is hard at work (some more than others) to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to their phones to keep their customers happy. The latest phone we are hearing is going to get an update sooner than later is the LG Nitro HD. With it’s fantastic screen and decent specs the Nitro was […]

Amazon Wireless Has AT&T’s HTC One X for Pre-Order, $149 On Contract and $549 Without

Tweet Buyers will be able to go into AT&T stores to purchase the HTC One X (review of international version here) on May 6 for $199, but if pre-ordering is more up your alley, you can do so on Amazon Wireless starting today. For $149 on a new two year contract, you can choose to buy the […]

Pre-orders for HTC One X on AT&T Start at Target April 22 for $149

Tweet AT&T announced this morning that the HTC One X would be available on May 6 for $199, but if saving $50 interests you, then Target on April 22 should be your destination. According to sources, the device will be up for pre-order this Sunday (April 22) through May 1 at the low price of […]

AT&T Makes The One X Official, Available May 6 For $199.99

Tweet Here it is ladies and gentlemen, AT&T has gone and made your day. The HTC One X is now official from the carrier and they have announced a date you can have it in your hands and how much it’s going to run you. For only $199.99 you can have the flagship of HTC’s […]

AT&T Employee Training Begins For HTC One XL, April 22 May Be The Launch Date

Tweet The HTC One X is coming to AT&T as the One XL, with LTE and a Snapdragon S4 processor on board. The phone is looking to take over Big Blue but we don’t know when it will get here just yet. Above is a screen shot saying that the web-based training (WBT) for the […]

Sprint Website Hosts A Samsung Galaxy Note Appearance, Could It Be Possible?

Tweet Now before everyone on Sprint hits the streets jumping for joy, note that this could just be a simple mistake by a graphic designer. On Sprint’s website, there is an advertisement for Sprint’s Mobile Control. On it, is a picture of a nice young lady standing next to an enlarged Samsung Galaxy Note. Some would […]

AT&T’s Upcoming HTC One X Pictured, Dual-Core and LTE Onboard

Tweet Here is the HTC ONE X as it will be seen on AT&T’s 4G LTE network later this year. Exactly the same as the international version, except instead of a NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, it will be handling the LTE duties with a 1.5GHz dual-core chip. The only outside difference people will notice is […]

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