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T-Mobile Moving To Stop Verizon From Acquiring Spectrum From Cable Companies

Tweet Verizon has been snatching up spectrum like it’s on fire sale recently, but T-Mobile doesn’t agree with their latest proposed deal. Verizon was talking to cable companies like Comcast, Time Warner and Brighthouse to gain more ground in the spectrum foothold for their company, but T-Mobile says that would place too much of the […]

AT&T’s 4G LTE Network Faster Than Verizon’s?

Tweet AT&T has shown that the network’s future lies in that of 4G LTE, having rolled out numerous locations this past year. Verizon currently has a year advantage over AT&T, covering more than 200 million people across 190 U.S. cities. However, wireless device testing firm Metrico Wireless reported that AT&T’s network is faster than the competitions. When comparing the HTC Vivid […]

RadioShack Offering More Than 25 Free Phones Before Black Friday

Tweet   This morning RadioShack announced a pre-Black Friday sale for more than two dozen smartphones, all of which can be had for free. The sale will start this Sunday, November 20 and then to Wednesday, November 23. The Shack will be offering a variety of smartphones from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon (sorry T-Mobile customers). The various phones […]

T-Mobile Joins Verizon, Sides With Samsung In Their Battle With Apple

Tweet It looks like T-Mobile was inspired by Verizon, the telecommunications giant has sided with Samsung in their ongoing legal battle with Apple. Today, T-Mobile published a brief objection towards Apples proposed sales ban of the Samsung Galaxy line in the U.S. “While T-Mobile respects intellectual property rights and believes that owners of intellectual property […]

“We’ll Push Android Phones” says AT&T’s CEO

Tweet Well that’s good to hear. But why? Oh, that’s right. You’re losing your contract with Apple. Did you know that AT&T was forced not to allow software updates to certain Android phones while under contract with Apple? [Rumor] In a world of extreme competition of Mobile Communication Carriers, it’s dog eat dog. Verizon was […]

Samsung Continuum Update on the Way, Includes VCAST Apps and is Not Froyo

Tweet The Samsung Continuum, which found its way into the hands of about 10 users even though it seemed awesome enough to hold a press conference for, has an update on the way.  The update fixes a ton of stuff and brings that incredibley lovely VCAST App store which another 10 people use.  It’s not […]

LG Ally is Finally Getting Froyo, Here are the Full Details

Tweet The LG Ally is finally getting Froyo (Android 2.2).  I’m not sure how many are actually still floating around in the wild, but this update has been needed for about as long as any update on any phone in the history of smartphones.  The phone came out in May of 2010 running Android 2.1, […]

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