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Amazon Expanding Prime Instant Video Selection For Kindle Fire, Get Your Spongebob and Jersey Shore On Now

Tweet Amazon is looking to push their tablet, the Kindle Fire, as the most content-rich tablet out there in the already packed Android community. Fire users already had access to lots of TV shows through Prime Instant video since it launched last year but Amazon is announcing today that they have worked out a deal […]

Kindle Fire Update Brings Full Screen Browsing, Takes Your Precious Root Again

Tweet Software version 6.2.2 is rolling out to Kindle Fire users now, but beware; it brings good and bad things to your tablet. The Silk browser, one of Amazon’s biggest selling points of the Fire, now supports full screen browsing with this new update, and really that’s all that the update does good. The bad […]

Kindle Fire Root Users Beware! 6.2.1 Update Breaks SuperOneClick Ability

Tweet If you value root and the Android Market on your new Kindle Fire it is not suggested to take the new Over The Air update. If you are running Amazon’s iteration of Android 2.3 Gingerbread you are going to get the update sometime or the other. Amazon has patched the exploit that SuperOneClick has […]

Ice Cream Sandwich Set A Blaze, Boots Up On The Kindle Fire

Tweet Since its release, Amazon’s Kindle Fire has become a hot little commodity in the dev community. After seeing the device rooted, we have seen the Android Market, CyanogenMod 7, and now Ice Cream Sandwich boot up on it. The man behind it is Steve Lin, the same guy who brought the Android 2.3 keyboard […]

Kindle Fire Update Forces You To Break Root, Easily Rooted Again Afterwards

Tweet Well Amazon seemed to think that their newly released Android tablet, the Kindle Fire, needed an over-the-air update. Thing is, they did not ask you if you wanted it. The Fire is configured to automatically update over WiFi so that root that you had on your device, is now gone. Reports are also coming […]

Kindle Fire Boots Up CyanogenMod 7, People Already Calling For CM9

Tweet The Cyanogen Team is on a quest to conquer the world, and they would be missing out on a large portion of said world without getting on the red hot Kindle Fire. Well that worry can be put to rest because stock Android 2.3 Gingerbread has been ported to Amazon’s newest Kindle. Details are […]

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