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Remember The Logitech Revue? Google TV 2.0 Coming “Before The End Of The Year”

Tweet Who all owns a Logitech Revue? Who all besides me is still waiting for the Google TV update that brings not only Honeycomb to the device, but the Android Market as well? I know there is a few of you out there. Sony’s Google TV box got the update almost a month ago now […]

Google TV Gets Full SDK, Honeycomb Update Just Around The Corner

Tweet Google TV just keeps stringing us along here, after missing the supposed deadline of the end of September. We know that there are already applications made for TV in the market, but the full SDK being out there should help to bring more relevance to Google’s TV platform. Inside this SDK you can get emulation for […]

Google TV Gets New Schedule For Honeycomb Release

Tweet Above is a tweet that I got back from Logitech last week when I pressed them about their Google TV update. They had said their update was going to be out before the end of September so I inquired and they actually responded, although somewhat vaguely. After yesterday’s news their response sounds a bit more […]

Android Market Headed to Google TV in March?

Tweet The Android Market has added an option for publishers to specify whether or not they want their app to be used on touchscreen or non-touchscreen devices which we’re assuming has to do with Google TV.  Early adopters (like myself) have long been waiting for the day that we can fully experience this new technology […]

Video: Google TV Rooted, Custom apps installed

Tweet Ever since Google TV was released, people have been trying to root and hack it. Some people even going as far as to put up a $1000 reward to anyone who could. Well that time has come, the Google TV has been rooted (although not easily).

Vizio Announced as New Google TV Partner

Tweet Sony and Logitech have been leading the Google TV charge up to this point, but as of today, you can add Vizio to the list of companies looking to jump to the front of the technology spectrum.  We’ve been expecting other companies to jump on board even after news that manufacturers had been pulling […]

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