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CM9 For TouchPad Released, Prepare Yourself For Bugs

Tweet It is two Cyanogenmods better than the last release for the HP TouchPad, but do not expect the world from this build. The little fire-sale darling from last year has now received a proper Android 4.0.3 ROM in the form of CM9. The CM team released it for developers to tinker and contribute even […]

Video: MIUI Ported To The HP TouchPad

Tweet CyanogenMod isn’t the only game in town when it comes to the HP Touchpad, the popular ROM MIUI has just been ported to the discontinued device. While the port is considered “pre-alpha”, it seems to function quite well. Currently the on-screen menu button is unresponsive and there are other “random bugs” that need to […]

HP’s Zombie Touchpads Sold More Units Than All Of Samsung’s Tablets In 2011

Tweet The past year saw the rise of tablets, Android or otherwise. March marked the beginning of Honeycomb and from there on manufacturers pumped out tablets of all sizes, screen resolutions and processor speeds. One of the surprise hits of the year was the death of the HP Touchpad, which ran webOS an Android competitor. […]

HP Touchpad Receiving An OTA, CyanogenMod 7 Users Need Not Worry

Tweet WebOS may be dead but you would not know it from the amount of activity surrounding their tablet, the HP Touchpad. After it got into everyone’s hands after going through a fire sale, it now has an almost working version of Android running on it already. But HP seems to either have updates that […]

Video: Alpha 1 Of CyanogenMod For HP Touchpad Is Released

Tweet Fire sale winners rejoice! Team CyanogenMod has pretty much got the basics of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) running on the HP Touchpad and they have released it in all of its porting goodness to you. But, be wary because CyanogenMod themselves say “those expecting pefection will be sorely disappointed.” There is a very large list of […]

The Competition: HP TouchPad Review

Tweet On the first of July, HP launched their much awaited “iPad killer”, the TouchPad. The tablet was welcomed with mixed reviews and poor sales. When HP dropped the price by $100 consumers still did not budge. However, 48 days after launch, HP decided to leave the hardware business and abandoned the TouchPad. What came next […]

HP TouchPad Running Android 2.3.5, Now Has Working Touchscreen Drivers

Tweet The good times are fast approaching, with work geared towards pushing Android onto the HP TouchPad, now getting closer to victory. Just released from the boys at Team TouchDroid, is a video showing that touchscreen drivers, are indeed working with Android 2.3.5 on the TouchPad. Huge progress is being made, and we are starting to […]

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