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HTC Inviting People Over Facebook To Attend London Beats Audio Event

Tweet Looks like HTC is getting ready to announce their first phone with Beats Audio built in from the get go. We have seen the new tech being ported into phones thanks to Android’s awesome dev community, but this will be an announcement which will most likely be their flagship Beats phone, the HTC Bass, […]

Video: HTC Bass Captured Dropping Beats

Tweet Nothing gets us more excited here at Android Life than seeing a video of a yet-to-be-announced phone getting handled and shown off. The HTC Runnymede, or what it is rumored to hit shelves as the HTC Bass, has been caught out in the wild and this anonymous, disembodied hand takes us through a very […]

HTC Runnymede Will Launch As The “Bass”?

Tweet If this keeps up, HTC is not going to have much to talk about during their press conference on the twentieth of this month. The Runnymede, HTC’s latest monster with a 4.7″ inch screen has been seen around the internet sporting the name of the HTC Bass. This makes a lot of “Sense” (sorry I […]

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