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HTC Desire HD gets nod from FCC for North American 3G

Tweet In case you didn’t know, the Desire HD is a pretty slick phone. But like most of the “coolest” things, it wasn’t intended for (North) American usage. Until now. The Desire HD has made its way through and gotten the approval of the FCC to use North American 3G bands. According to Engadget: Well, […]

Desire HD & MyTouch 4G benchmarked, high scores result

Tweet As if you didn’t want the Desire HD or MyTouch 4G enough already, feast your eyes on this. Intomobile got their hands on the two devices and put them to the Quadrant test. The previous phone to beat in Quadrant has been the HTC Nexus One with Android 2.2. Well, after seeing these benchmarks, […]

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