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HTC’s EVO 4G And EVO View 4G Reach End-Of-Life Status On Sprint

Tweet It’s hard to believe that Sprint’s early flagship Android device is finally coming to its end. The HTC EVO 4G has been available on Sprint for almost two years. It was the first Android device to be advertised with 4G capability and it has been extremely successful here in the US. Exiting stage left […]

How About Some Ice Cream Sandwich For Your EVO 4G?

Tweet Who cares if the HTC EVO 4G reached it’s EOL status and is officially dead to retailers? The Android community never leaves a good phone behind, and such is the case with the EVO. The world’s first 4G phone has now received it’s first Ice Cream Sandwich port. As with many ICS ROMs out […]

HTC EVO Reaches End Of Life This October

Tweet Let’s all have a moment of silence before we continue. Alright, good. Now according to an internal Sprint email, the HTC EVO is reaching it’s End Of Life (EOL) soon. The white EVO will not be ordered anymore after this week and the black version will be stopped sometime in “early October.” All great […]

HTC EVO 4G Receives Minor Update, Voice Recognition Enhanced

Tweet Sprint and HTC have released a minor update for the HTC EVO 4G that will enhance voice recognition for both voice search and voice-to-text. A few other minor fixes will be included with the update with the full notes found below. The update will bring you up to 4.53.651.1 and will be pushed to […]

HTC EVO Rap Video is Awesome, Every Android Device Needs One

Tweet “Live fo’ my EVO, Die fo’ my EVO, then hop up in my whip and RIDE wit my EVO”…that’s all you really need to know.  Just watch the video.  

Gameloft Hosts “Buy One, Get One Free” HD Game Deal for Sprint

Tweet Gameloft announced a BOGO deal for Sprint users with an Epic or EVO 4G that will last through the holidays.  All you have to do is follow the instructions below and you’ll be enjoying some of the best Android games to never actually hit the market: Connect through 3G. Please note WiFi and 4G […]

New Sprint EVO 4G Thanksgiving Commercial: Praise

Tweet Sprint is gearing up for a big EVO 4G push this weekend it looks like with a brand new commercial spot that just aired during the first NFL game of Thanksgiving.  The spot is called “EVO Praise” and features all of the quotes from various tech sites around the interwebs who gave this beast […]

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