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Have $50 to spare? T-Mobile has a G2 with your name on it

Tweet Well hopefully you haven’t bought a T-Mobile G2 recently, because if you did then seeing this definitely stings. T-Mobile has made their first “4G” phone available for the low price of $49.99 with a two-year contract via an instant rebate (not that mail-in crap). Don’t bother trying if you’re an existing T-Mobile customer whose […]

T-Mobile G2 Overclocked to 1.9GHz

Tweet Weren’t satisfied with overclocking your perm-rooted T-Mobile G2 to 1.4GHz?  How does 1.9GHz sound? That’s exactly what XDA member danieljordanmaddux managed to do with his. Be warned however, even though he supplies the necessary files to turn your G2 into a handwarmer, this is not for the faint of heart. Neither he (nor us) […]

T-Mobile G2 Gets Permanent Root

Tweet Own a G2 from T-Mobile, but are sick of having to root each time you reboot your device?  You can start feeling better today as the phone has now been permanently rooted by a crew of guys over at XDA Forums (surprised?).  Scotty2 and unforgiven512 have apparently put in the time, found the exploit, […]

Think you have 4G? Think again

Tweet So are you an Sprint Evo or Epic owner who brags about your incredible 4G speeds? How about you T-Mobile G2 or myTouch 4G users? 4G is pretty incredible eh? Well I’ve got some bad (and good) news for ya, you don’t actually have true 4G. While your friendly neighborhood Sprint and (most recently) T-Mobile […]

How to: Manually Update your T-Mobile G2

Tweet An update for the T-Mobile G2 (our review) starting rolling out today and includes a couple of nice new features, mainly wi-fi calling and tethering.  And of course you care deeply about these because the phone is crippled by the network it runs on.  If you want to manually update to get these news features […]

Want a free phone? Try on a pair of shoes

Tweet Well here’s something you don’t see everyday, a free phone when you try on a pair of shoes at Journeys. Here’s how it works: Visit a Genesco retail location to try on a pair of shoes Go to or to view the available phone offers Choose your free phone and mobile plan Order is […]

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