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HTC Unlocks Evo View 4G And MyTouch 4G Slide Through HTCDev

Tweet It does not get much easier when it comes to development when your handset maker allows you to unlock the bootloader and gives you the source code to the phone. HTC has continued their well praised effort to support the Android developer community by adding the ability to unlock the HTC Evo View 4G […]

HTCdev Releasing Information Left And Right, HTC Raider 4G Kernel Source Included

Tweet HTCdev, the developer portal put on by HTC themselves, is making me really hope that HTC’s Raider 4G (Holiday) makes it over to the States. Right now the phone officially only resides in Korea and has been spotted in Australia by blurrycams. There have only been rumors to this point on whether the Raider will make it […]

Another MyTouch 4G Ad Attacks AT&T and the iPhone 4

Tweet T-Mobile already popped off once this week towards Verizon and AT&T about the i*hone 4, but they weren’t stopping there.  Another ad came to life, only this time they targeted AT&T specifically to remind everyone how expensive their 3G plans are in comparison to T-Mo’s “4G.”  Silly really, but hey, who doesn’t love seeing […]

myTouch4G gets taste of CyanogenMod 6

Tweet My, my, things sure do move fast in the Android world don’t they? The myTouch 4G just got perm-rooted and clockwork recovery, and already CyanogenMod6 is running on the device.

MyTouch 4G Also Receives Permanent Root, Clockwork Recovery

Tweet The MyTouch 4G joins the G2 just 1 day later in the permanently rooted crowd.  You’ll need to use VISIONary to root it initially, then push a couple of files in adb and then run VISIONary another time or two after rebooting to get it to stick.  I know that sounds like a lot […]

Think you have 4G? Think again

Tweet So are you an Sprint Evo or Epic owner who brags about your incredible 4G speeds? How about you T-Mobile G2 or myTouch 4G users? 4G is pretty incredible eh? Well I’ve got some bad (and good) news for ya, you don’t actually have true 4G. While your friendly neighborhood Sprint and (most recently) T-Mobile […]

Video: MyTouch 4G vs. iPhone 4 in Browser Test

Tweet Our friends over at WireFly took the new MyTouch 4G and paired it against the i*hone 4 in a browser test battle and the results were as favorable as you would have expected.  They ran both over wi-fi, checked 2 of the sames pages, and the MyTouch dominated both.  What’s even more impressive is […]

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