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T-Mobile Nexus S Android 2.3.6 Update GRK39F Is Live

Tweet After the last 2.3.6 update got pulled due to outcry that it killed tethering, this new and improved version of the update to Google’s flagship phone is out and ready to be downloaded. There is no changelog for this update but we can assume that it’s the same update that hit the Nexus One […]

Nexus One Receiving Update to 2.2.2, SMS Bug Fixer as Well?

Tweet If you own a Nexus One and are unrooted and living the boring Android life, you might have an update waiting for you that will take you to version 2.2.2, which we’re all thinking is the same SMS bug fixer that the Nexus S is receiving.  Of course, we don’t have official word on […]

Gingerbread Headed to Nexus One in Coming Weeks

Tweet Nexus One users, prepare yourselves for official Gingerbread (Android 2.3) in the “coming weeks!”  We’ve already started to see a bunch of Gingerbread ROMs pop up in the wild, but this is the real deal.  Talk about a great X-mas treat. Via:  Twitter Cheers Seth!

Google TV & Nexus One rank in Top 15 worst tech flops of 2010

Tweet Everybody loves “top” anything lists. Top 5, top 10, even top 15, people just love reading them, even if they’re not interested in the general topic in the first place. Well Business Insider happens to be renowned for their “top” lists and today they released their Top 15 biggest tech flops of 2010 and […]

Anyone else get the mystery Nexus One update?

Tweet Here’s something odd. My Nexus One (on AT&T) currently has the latest build of Android, FRG83. In anticipation of Gingerbread (aka Android 2.3) I’ve been spamming *#*#checkin#*#* like it’s my job. I’ve been used to not getting anything back while doing it, which is why what happened tonight was exceptionally strange.

Nexus One owners to get Android 2.3 update in upcoming days?

Tweet Here’s some exciting news for this morning. Alvaro Fuentes Vasquez, an official on the Open Handset Alliance tweeted last night: Prepare your Nexus One (Developer version) for Android OTA update 2.3 (Gingerbread) in the next few days

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