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Confirmed: ICS Rolling Out To Sensation 4G Users Now, Amaze 4G To Receive Update May 21

Tweet More of a reminder than anything because we reported on it a few days ago, but if you have an HTC Sensation 4G from T-Mobile check your system update menu as soon as possible. Android 4.0 is waiting for you on the other side with huge improvements to your phone, and an upgrade to […]

CyanogenMod 9 Nightly Drops For The HTC Sensation, In Case You Can’t Wait Until Wednesday

Tweet Hot on the heels of T-Mobile announcing today that the HTC Sensation 4G would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich May 16, CyanogenMod 9 has hit the device officially. In case you wanted stock ICS over the Sense 3.6 infused upgrade that T-Mobile has coming you can get the download hot off the preses now […]

HTC Sensation To Receive Ice Cream Sandwich May 16, Amaze 4G To Follow Soon After

Tweet T-Mobile customers rejoice! The HTC Sensation is set to receive the bump to Android 4.0 this week, more specifically 2 days from now. May 16 has been confirmed by T-Mo’s support forums. The official build is going to be Android 4.0.3 and should be available through checking your phone’s System Updates menu by the […]

T-Mobile Moderator Sets The Record Straight On Sensation 4G Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Tweet HTC has been pretty quiet since they made all the noise about upgrades to Ice Cream Sandwich last month. Rumors have been swirling around the Sensation 4G and whether or not it will happen this month, to the point where T-Mobile needed to step in. There were angry customers coming to the conclusion that […]

T-Mobile Updates Amaze 4G and Sensation 4G Support Page, Confirms Ice Cream Sandwich

Tweet These days, your bragging rights come from whether whose phone is going to receive Ice Cream Sandwich first. Owners of the HTC Amaze 4G and Sensation 4G on T-Mobile can do a little cheer today as T-Mobile officially updated their support pages for the respective phones. ICS is coming at some point! As usual […]

HTC Sensation Sees Huge Camera Tweaks Thanks To ICS Camera Modifications

Tweet It’s always a tough time getting drivers ready for devices when the carriers and manufacturers haven’t even released them. This is one of the biggest problems with bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to devices that carriers aren’t even thinking about yet. The HTC Sensation has had ICS ROMs for root users for a while now […]

HTC Pushing 4.0.3 Upgrade To Sensations Across The Pond, Sense 3.6 Packaged In As Well

Tweet Exciting news coming out of a few foreign countries today. Apparently a good amount of HTC Sensations in Nordic countries are getting the notification to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich once they hit the Check For Updates button. HTC has not said a peep about this update so we aren’t sure if it was […]

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