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HTC Pushing 4.0.3 Upgrade To Sensations Across The Pond, Sense 3.6 Packaged In As Well

Tweet Exciting news coming out of a few foreign countries today. Apparently a good amount of HTC Sensations in Nordic countries are getting the notification to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich once they hit the Check For Updates button. HTC has not said a peep about this update so we aren’t sure if it was […]

HTC Sensation XE Receiving Android 4.0 “Early This Year” According To Twitter Account

Tweet We are getting near the time frame where manufacturers have had enough time with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that we should start seeing official upgrades being pushed to devices soon. HTC has been known to keep their customers fairly up-to-date on what they are up to and today is no different. The company […]

New Colors Galore! Samsung Galaxy SII In Pink And HTC Sensation XE In Silver

Tweet I do not care if Samsung says that this new shade of the Galaxy SII is for “lady customers.” They also said that it would apply to “younger generations” which means me. This is much more exciting than the plain black and even moreso than the white as well. Unfortunately for Kellen, whose favorite […]

Music Cutting In And Out Of Your HTC Sensation When Using Headphones? There’s Tape For That

Tweet Who says that XDA is only good for software modifications? When HTC Sensation users started reporting that their headphones were cutting in and out during playback and even skipping songs, most would just chalk it up to a problem within the phone. In reality, it was a much simpler answer.After repeated insertion of the headphones […]

Quick Hands On With HTC’s Sensation XL

Tweet Kellex keeps delivering the goodies today. We just received some great pics of HTC’s newest bass booming device called the Sensation XL. He added that the device was super-lightweight and rocks the Sense 3.5 which everyone has been digging. Things that threw him off were the single-core processor (seriously, what’s with that?) and that […]

HTC Announces Sensation XL – 4.7″ Display With Beats Audio Onboard

Tweet Just announced is HTC’s newest device – the Sensation XL. Orginially called the Runnymede, then the Bass, the XL has been through one heck of a ride, and now it has finally arrived. The XL features a Qualcomm MSM 8255 1.5 GHz which is a single-core processor, 4.7″ display, 8MP back end camera, and of course Beats Audio technology integrated […]

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