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LG Ally is Finally Getting Froyo, Here are the Full Details

Tweet The LG Ally is finally getting Froyo (Android 2.2).  I’m not sure how many are actually still floating around in the wild, but this update has been needed for about as long as any update on any phone in the history of smartphones.  The phone came out in May of 2010 running Android 2.1, […]

LG Ally to get Android 2.2 in February 2011, better late than never

Tweet That’s the saying right? “Better late than never?” Apparently LG thinks so, as it just announced via their forums that they will be released Android 2.2 for their Ally smartphone in February of 2011. Why LG is even bothering with Android 2.2 I can’t really figure out. I mean it’s nice for current Ally […]

LG Ally Receiving Update, It’s Not Froyo

Tweet The LG Ally has sort of become a forgotten Android device, but that doesn’t mean Verizon has completely written it off.  They are pushing out an update to it now, and while it’s not Froyo (Android 2.2) it does include a couple of enhancements and handful of bug fixes: Improvements: + Improved ability to […]

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