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T-Mobile Wants You To Kick Off This New Year With A New Phone, Sale This Weekend

Tweet Who cares if new phones are going to be announced at CES next week? If you want the Samsung Galaxy SII or the HTC Amaze 4G than this weekend is just for you. T-Mobile wants your new years resolution to be getting a new phone for cheap, so they are having a big sale […]

Video: Ever Wonder What It Would Look Like To Flamethrower An LG G-Slate?

Tweet We have seen some mean things done to some very nice electronics before, like taking a stapler to a Photon 4G, but this is just over the top. The guys over at Tech Assassin found a LG G-Slate that had fallen on hard times; it wouldn’t work or charge and the guys couldn’t get […]

LG G-Slate is T-Mobile’s 3D-Capable Honeycomb Tablet, Available “this spring”

Tweet T-Mobile had quite the night last night.  First we had news of the Galaxy S 4G and its February availability, but now we have something even bigger.  The LG G-Slate was also on their list of announcements and it is coming packed with a few 3D surprises that I’m not sure anyone truly expected. […]

LG G-Slate, Galaxy S 4G, and Dell Streak 7 Release Dates Confirmed

Tweet The posse holding down TmoNews got a hold of a slide that provides the release date for every major device headed to T-Mobile over the next 2 months.  The 2 major highlights are the LG G-Slate which appears to be headed for stores on March 23 and the Galaxy S 4G which should be […]

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