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How to: Bypass Activation on the LG Vortex

Tweet If you’ve recently purchased a LG Vortex, but haven’t had a reason to activate it on Verizon’s network, then use this simple set of instructions to bypass that first screen and enjoy it as a wi-fi only device. Press “Volume Up.” Press “Volume Down.” Press the “Back” button. Press the “Search” button. Enjoy! Cheers […]

LG Vortex Announced, On Sale November 18th through Verizon Wireless

Tweet The LG Vortex is now official on Verizon and will come packed with a 3.2″ screen, 3.2MP camera, Swype and something that may surprise you, Android 2.2.  Yep, LG is releasing a phone running Froyo out of the box while Samsung and their Galaxy S line still suffers on Android 2.1.  Most people would […]

Verizon LG Vortex is free with 2yr contract

Tweet Everybody loves free stuff right? The LG Vortex, which is Verizon‘s version of the Optimus is going to cost you $100 upfront, but subtract $100 for the mail in rebate, and that puts you at the magical $0 for the price of the phone. (with a 2 year contract of course) The Vortex has […]

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