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Logitech Has Run Out Of Revue Stock, Let Us All Have A Moment Of Silence

Tweet Google TV was far from perfect, as with many first generation new technologies there were some growing pains. Even still, the Logitech Revue won over many hearts when it dropped to it’s $99 price. And when the device finally got the update to Honeycomb it was even better, but it was too late. Logitech […]

Petition Aimed At Logitech Hits The Web, Ask For An Unlocked Bootloader On The Revue

Tweet If you wont support the Revue, then let us support the Revue – that is what an online petition aimed at Logitech is hoping to accomplish. The company announced that there are no plans for a sequel and Logitech’s adventure into Google TV will end with the Revue. While the much awaited Honeycomb update […]

Remember The Logitech Revue? Google TV 2.0 Coming “Before The End Of The Year”

Tweet Who all owns a Logitech Revue? Who all besides me is still waiting for the Google TV update that brings not only Honeycomb to the device, but the Android Market as well? I know there is a few of you out there. Sony’s Google TV box got the update almost a month ago now […]

Kevin Bacon in Logitech Revue Commercial is Win

Tweet You can try to deny that Google TV will succeed, but there is no denying the awesomeness that is this latest Logitech Revue commercial featuring Kevin Bacon as a Kevin Bacon fanboy who wants to turn into Kevin Bacon.  Did you get all of that?  Just watch and enjoy.  

Stream video games from your computer to Google TV

Tweet Well here is something that might make a Google TV more worthwhile for you. “Personal Cloud Gaming” from GameString Adrenalin. What GameStream basically does is stream the video from (apparently) any game on your PC to an internet browser. Well Google TV just happens to have an browser in the form of Chrome. It […]

Google TV Apps Found in Logitech Revue Update, Loaded onto Phones

Tweet Some of that apps that come preloaded on the Logitech Revue and other Google TV boxes have been snatched out of an update file and apparently work on most Android devices.  Well, we were only able to get the NBA Game Time app up and running, but you can see the potential here.  Anyone […]

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