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Motorola Citrus Officially Available Tomorrow on Verizon

Tweet November 11th may have been cut short from being one of the biggest Android release days ever after some last minute shuffling, but we’ll at least still be getting the Motorola Citrus.  As a device that definitely falls into the “entry-level” category, the Citrus will be available tomorrow for $49.99 after mail-in-rebate on new […]

Motorola Citrus hitting shelves at Walmart as pre-paid phone

Tweet Here’s some more fruity news for you guys. The Motorola Citrus will apparently be offered as a pre-paid option as well. The shot above was snagged by one of our loyal readers and it clearly shows the Citrus going for $179, which includes 10 minutes of airtime. So what do you guys think is […]

Samsung Continuum & Motorola Citrus get 360° views

Tweet Man, you just can’t make it through the day without reading something about the Samsung Continuum or Motorola Citrus. We already know essentially everything there is to know about both devices, so what else is there? Why a 360° view of course! (Try not to fall out of your chair, I know this is […]

Motorola Citrus Gets Some Introductory Video Lovin’

Tweet The Motorola Citrus was supposed to be hitting Verizon shelves on November 11th, but after a shuffling of a few devices to the 18th, we can’t really cross our fingers that it’ll stick.  What we do know is that Motorola has released this hot little video for the device, showing off all of its […]

Motorola Citrus $30 & Droid Incredible $100 in upcoming Verizon promotion

Tweet What you’re looking at above is an upcoming ad from Verizon. W’re not sure when the promo starts, but the expiration date is obviously 11/25/10. So if you were planning on buying the Droid Incredible for $149, you might want to wait for this instead. The Droid Incredible will be $99.99 after a $100 mail […]

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