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Official Ice Cream Sandwich Build Leaks For Sprint’s Epic 4G Touch, Flash For Touchwiz And Android 4.0

Tweet We heard that it was roaming the developer backrooms and through tester’s hands but now it has been leaked to the world. The Ice Cream Sandwich build for the Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch is out there and ready for you to download and flash whenever you so please. It is a fairly […]

Gingerbread Bug Fix For Epic 4G And Epic 4G Touch On The Way, Better Late Than Never

Tweet The Epic 4G and Epic 4G Touch on Sprint finally got official Gingerbread a while back, and everything was good. And then the bugs set in, and there were many of them. One of the biggest being an audio bug that caused the phones to make a very annoying sound when running, and even […]

White Sprint Epic 4G Touch Coming Soon

Tweet There is something about a high-end smartphone and the color white that makes us all flustered. Could it be our secret love for all things Apple finally starting to emerge from the darkest part of our souls – say it aint so. Nonetheless, after seeing T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II in white and then AT&T’s […]

Sprint Epic 4G Touch OTA Rolling Out Now

Tweet Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Touch users are reporting that a small over-the-air update is currently rolling out. The update will fix the radio bug that has plagued numerous devices. Additionally, it will also allow you to properly use the 4G hotspot feature while on phone calls. As with any update, you don’t have to wait for […]

Deal: Samsung Epic 4G Touch For Only $100 At Amazon, $149 For Upgrades

Tweet One of Sprint’s best phones is currently up for grabs from Amazon. The Samsung Epic 4G Touch can currently be had for $100 for new customers and $149 for customers looking to upgrade. During my hands-on time I raved about this device, it is one of my all-time favorites and any Sprint customer would be […]

Stock Samsung Epic 4G Touch Kernel Is Now Available For Download

Tweet Rooting is one of the best things about Android, however it is also one of the worst. When you root your phone you open it up to a world of customization and freedom. Unfortunately, with a few wrong clicks your phone can turn into nothing more than an expensive paper weight. Luckily for us, […]

Is Your Samsung Epic 4G Touch Getting Too Hot To Handle?

Tweet A potentially scary story coming out of XDA is users of the brand new Samsung Epic 4G Touch are finding out that the phone is hot, as in temperature hot. Many users are reporting temperatures upwards of 110 degrees when their phones are in use. High temps due to processor load from watching Youtube or playing a game […]

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