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Gingerbread Bug Fix For Epic 4G And Epic 4G Touch On The Way, Better Late Than Never

Tweet The Epic 4G and Epic 4G Touch on Sprint finally got official Gingerbread a while back, and everything was good. And then the bugs set in, and there were many of them. One of the biggest being an audio bug that caused the phones to make a very annoying sound when running, and even […]

Manually Update Your Epic 4G To Gingerbread

Tweet Earlier this morning, we told you about the Gingerbread update that was rolling out to Sprint’s Epic 4G customers. Unfortunately, the update was on a push only basis and users would not be able to pull it through the usual means. However, an XDA user has found the update file from Google and has […]

Sprint’s Epic 4G Gingerbread Rollout Starts Today

Tweet Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G is finally receiving its official Gingerbread update. The rollout is set to begin today, with the initial plan to hit three percent of users. Sprint is trying to avoid the hiccups that accompanied their Froyo OTA for the Epic 4G. The update will continue to rollout over the course of […]

Samsung Epic 4G Receiving Froyo, and Galaxy Tab Receiving Sprint ID this Week

Tweet Both the Samsung Epic 4G and Galaxy Tab on Sprint will receive updates beginning this week which will include Sprint ID.  The big news though, is that Froyo (Android 2.2) for the Epic 4G is official and will be attached to this update.  It seems odd to be talking about a phone just now […]

Sprint Epic 4G finally getting Froyo on 12/26?

Tweet Hold onto your hats folks, the Sprint Epic 4G is scheduled to get Android 2.2.1 (Froyo) on December 26th, 2010! What makes this even better is that Samsung hasn’t promised this would happen ever before, so you know that it’s actually going to happen this time. (Yes that was all extreme sarcasm) Anyway, according […]

Gameloft Hosts “Buy One, Get One Free” HD Game Deal for Sprint

Tweet Gameloft announced a BOGO deal for Sprint users with an Epic or EVO 4G that will last through the holidays.  All you have to do is follow the instructions below and you’ll be enjoying some of the best Android games to never actually hit the market: Connect through 3G. Please note WiFi and 4G […]

Game Gripper Available Now on the Samsung Epic 4G

Tweet If you own a Samsung Epic 4G, please sit down before reading this.  The Gamer Gripper is ready to be shipped so you can fully enjoy those emulators and all that awesomeness on your 4″ Super AMOLED 4G beast of a device.  If you haven’t checked out Game Gripper’s site in a while, then […]

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