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What Is The Mysterious Samsung T699 Coming To T-Mobile?

Tweet A rogue user agent string was sniffed out by the ninjas at TmoNews that has us all a little confused. It’s a Samsung device that has a 1280×720 screen with an ARM11 chipset inside. With the recent announcement of the Galaxy SIII you might think that T-Mobile is gearing up for the SIII launch, […]

Reminder: Galaxy Nexus And LG Viper Now On Sale From Sprint, The LTE Era Begins

Tweet Just a friendly reminder for you all to start this week. The LTE era has officially begun at Sprint, even if the towers aren’t lit up yet. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the LG Viper 4G LTE are now on sale from the Now Network. The Google flagship phone that was the first to […]

Sprint Will Kick In $50 To Your Google Wallet When You Buy A Galaxy Nexus Instead Of The Normal $10

Tweet After our poll today it’s clear that the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint is going to be a huge draw. Sprint is looking to sweeten the pot a little bit by offering you $50 in your pre-installed Google Wallet, something no other carrier will even think about. The Sprint Galaxy Nexus will be the only […]

Daily Deal: 16GB GSM Galaxy Nexus On Sale For Just $429.99, Lowest Price Yet

Tweet Do you want arguably the best Android smartphone on the market right now? Do you want it for cheap? Well then today is your day ladies and gentlemen. The Galaxy Nexus has been hitting these daily deals and today’s is as low as we have seen it at $429.99. If you can’t remember the […]

Sprint Stores Receiving Signage For Galaxy Nexus, Add April 15 To The Launch Date List (Update)

Tweet Sprint is soon to get the Galaxy Nexus, and they aren’t being shy about it. Employee training slides have already gone out and we have heard that April 22 has a nice ring for a launch date but nothing is set in stone. The guys over at Phandroid have got some sneaky images of […]

Training for Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus Started Today, Slides Confirm Everything but the Release Date

Tweet Will Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus finally launch on April 22? That’s the date floating around the web today, and one that our sources like as well. While they wouldn’t mention a date specifically, they fully expect the phone to launch “this month.” Since training for the device started today, they can’t imagine that it would […]

Rumored Date Surfaces For Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus, April 22nd Looking Good

Tweet Sprint hasn’t been quiet with regards to their move towards LTE in the near future. Arguably their biggest selling point once these LTE towers go up is the Galaxy Nexus that will be hitting the Now Network. Google’s flagship Ice Cream Sandwich phone is rumored to be hitting Sprint on April 22nd thanks to […]

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