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Samsung Tells Us What’s In The Galaxy S Value Pack, Doesn’t Tell Us When We Will See It

Tweet Now that the hullabaloo has quieted down over the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S isn’t getting Ice Cream Sandwich, Sammy has gone and started rolling out their Value Pack Upgrade in Korea. They have also released an FAQ detailing what exactly is inside this firmware upgrade and the answer is bits and pieces of ICS, […]

Samsung Galaxy S And SII Sales Hit 30 Million Globally

Tweet Samsung made news earlier as they have announced that the Galaxy S and SII devices have collectively hit 30 million in global sales. Quite impressive in a mobile world that was seemingly dominated by the i*hone. The Galaxy SII within just a few months of release has already sold 10 million units which has set a new record […]

Samsung Teaser Sites Opens for Galaxy S2, Preview Available on February 1

Tweet There is so much anger surrounding Samsung these days with regard to the Froyo update for their Galaxy S phones that it’s become hard to write about them in a positive light.  Here is our best shot. A teaser site has gone live for what we’re assuming is the Galaxy S2 which has been […]

Samsung Goes Valley Girl, Denies Wanting Cash for Froyo Update

Tweet We’ll be the first to admit that the rumors surrounding the Froyo update for Samsung’s Galaxy S line are all pretty absurd, especially that one about them holding it hostage while they release the Vibrant 4G, but their denial of any wrong doing is pretty comical as well.  Actually, it’s almost as comical as […]

The Samsung Galaxy S Froyo Update Delays, Due to Corporate Greed?

Tweet An individual posing as a Samsung insider of some sort has posted up the “political” reasoning behind the Froyo update situation in the U.S. for their entire Galaxy S line of phones.  This stuff is not pretty and paints Sammie as the greediest of corporate entities, so either this guy has giant cojones and […]

T-Mobile Vibrant 4G will be their fastest 4G device yet

Tweet I don’t know what people will be more excited about, the fact that the T-Mobile Vibrant 4G supports HSPA+ 21 Mbps speeds or the fact that a (US) Galaxy S phone finally has Android 2.2. For me it’s definitely the HSPA+ speeds, seeing as Android 2.2 is yesterdays news and Gingerbread is now the  ”must […]

Video: Gingerbread running on Samsung Galaxy S

Tweet Here’s some promising news: XDA user supercurio has ported Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) over to a Samsung Galaxy S. It’s not to-surprising when you think about it, considering the Nexus S is really just a Galaxy S phone with a NFC chip wedged inside. That being said, like all ports, there are a few issues. […]

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