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ClockworkMOD Recovery now available for T-Mobile Galaxy Tab

Tweet It was only a matter of time folks, ClockworkMOD Recovery is now available for the Galaxy Tab. This will allow Galaxy Tab (T-Mobile only for now) users to flash custom ROMS and create and restore backups. I’ll let Koush explain the nitty gritty: The recovery is packaged as an that you run from […]

Samsung Sells 1 Million Galaxy Tab Units, Now Looks to 1.5 Million

Tweet According to reports from Samsung Hub, the Galaxy Tab has already reached the 1million units sold mark.  This news is surprising to us, but when you think of world-wide numbers, it could be possible.  The device can be purchased from 5 major carriers here in the states and who knows how many others across […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review – T-Mobile

Tweet Ahhh, the Samsung Galaxy Tab from T-Mobile.  The all-black, Android 2.2 running, first official, 7″ beast of a tablet that has taken the reigns of a movement that no one else was willing or ready to test, yet.  We all know that there are other Android tablets on the horizon, running specific tablet operating […]

Samsung Sells 600,000 Galaxy Tab Units Worldwide in First Month

Tweet Samsung sells 600,000 Galaxy Tab units in 1 month, huh?  Is that a large number?  Small number?  Well, if you look at their goal of selling about a million by the end of the year, then I’d say they are right on track.  With November and December numbers yet to be reported, we should […]

Video: T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab Unboxing

Tweet We received our T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab last week and apologize as we are just now getting to the unboxing and quick walk-through of it.  If you read both of our sites, you’ve probably seen our Verizon unboxing, but this time we gave you a more thorough overview of the little tweaks that have […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab flashed to support phone calls

Tweet I know I’m not the only person who is disappointed in US carriers for neutering the Galaxy Tab of its ability to make phone calls. We all knew that eventually, support for phone calls would come from the mod-tastic Android community, we just didn’t know when. Well, for TMo Tab users, that day is today.

Galaxy Tab production cut in half from weak sales?

Tweet Despite all the buzz surrounding Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, sales may not actually be that great. Everyone knows how expensive the Tab is and I would wager that’s the main reason why sales are a bit off.

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