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Samsung Infuse 4G Receives An Update, Spoiler Alert: It’s Not Gingerbread

Tweet Last month, AT&T promised a Gingerbread update for the Samsung Infuse 4G via their twitter. Today, AT&T has released a 14.5MB update, however it is not the much anticipated Gingerbread update, rather a basic “maintenance” update. At this time update notes are currently unavailable and there appears to be no major changes whatsoever. Nonetheless, […]

Samsung Announces the Infuse 4G with 4.5″ Display and 1.2GHz Processor

Tweet AT&T just scooped Verizon on everything at their Dev Summit here at CES.  They basically walked through every single device that is expected to be announced by Verizon tomorrow, except they did it today.  The first 4G device dropped from them was the Motorola Atrix which they are calling the world’s “most powerful” phone […]

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