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Sprint Nexus S 4G Gets Leaked Official Android 4.0.4 Update, Flash When Ready

Tweet It is a little frustrating when you have a Google device such as the Nexus S and have not received the update to Google’s newest Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. Well the owners of the Nexus S 4G on Sprint can breathe a little easier, thanks to XDA we now have a leaked firmware of the Android […]

Samsung Nexus S Ice Cream Sandwich Update Delayed Due To Battery And CPU Bug

Tweet It looks like Android’s latest iteration for the Nexus S seems to be running into a few bugs after updating. Users are reporting pretty sucky battery life and pretty high CPU wake time. These two are directly related, the more that the CPU stays awake, the more the battery gets drained. Remember though, the […]

Google Begins To Rollout Ice Cream Sandwich Update For The GSM Samsung Nexus S

Tweet After seeing a few unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich builds and Google’s own employees using it, the GSM Samsung Nexus S is finally set to receive Android 4.0. The update is rolling out now and will reach all users within the coming month. Check to see if the update is ready for you by going to Settings > About Phone […]

Google Employees Receive Ice Cream Sandwich OTAs On Their Nexus S Phones

Tweet The testing shall commence, so sayeth the Google. The gang over in Mountain View have begun to push out Ice Cream Sandwich for the Nexus S, however there is a catch – you must be a Google employee. Adel Saound, an employee, confirmed this in the deleted Google+ post that you see above. If no […]

XDA Provides Google Wallet To Original Nexus S

Tweet So far, Google Wallet has only been open to people who have Sprint’s Samsung Nexus S 4G. This may or may not be because all the other carriers are teaming up to fight Google Wallet with their own NFC payment option, ISIS. But as Android always does, someone found a work around and then […]

T-Mobile Nexus S Android 2.3.6 Update GRK39F Is Live

Tweet After the last 2.3.6 update got pulled due to outcry that it killed tethering, this new and improved version of the update to Google’s flagship phone is out and ready to be downloaded. There is no changelog for this update but we can assume that it’s the same update that hit the Nexus One […]

Nexus S Online for Only $299, Thanks To One-Day Sale

Tweet The Nexus S has hit 1 Sale A Day at the amazing price of just $299. An unlocked GSM version will do you just fine on AT&T or T-Mobile and you can expect the great function that is come to be expected from a Nexus device. As many new devices are coming out, the […]

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