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International Galaxy Note Gets First Taste Of CyanogenMod 9 Nightly, Come And Get It!

Tweet Love it or hate it, the Galaxy Note did well enough to capture more than a few people that laid eyes or hands on it. For those who did end up picking up this phablet, the international version (model number N7000), can now put some stock Ice Cream Sandwich in form of CyanogenMod 9 […]

Leaked Screenshots Point Towards An Unannounced T-Mobile Galaxy Note Variant

Tweet The Samsung Galaxy Note is a polarizing device, some say it’s too big and some say that they like it. It has made enough sales though that AT&T is doing well with it and if this leaked screenshot is to be believed, it could be coming to T-Mobile as well. The main smoking gun […]

Reminder: Galaxy Nexus And LG Viper Now On Sale From Sprint, The LTE Era Begins

Tweet Just a friendly reminder for you all to start this week. The LTE era has officially begun at Sprint, even if the towers aren’t lit up yet. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the LG Viper 4G LTE are now on sale from the Now Network. The Google flagship phone that was the first to […]

Sprint Will Kick In $50 To Your Google Wallet When You Buy A Galaxy Nexus Instead Of The Normal $10

Tweet After our poll today it’s clear that the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint is going to be a huge draw. Sprint is looking to sweeten the pot a little bit by offering you $50 in your pre-installed Google Wallet, something no other carrier will even think about. The Sprint Galaxy Nexus will be the only […]

Sprint Officially Announces Launch Date and Pricing for Galaxy Nexus, April 22 For $199

Tweet Sprint has officially announced the launch date and pricing for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Starting April 22, customers will be able to pick up the G-Nex for $199 on a new two year contract. If you are the type of person that doesn’t feel like wasting your time in a line outside the Sprint […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Cases Begin to Arrive at Sprint Stores, Just In Time For April 22?

Tweet If you needed any more confirmation that the Galaxy Nexus launch date on Sprint was closer than ever, here it is. Cases and accessories for the device are starting to be shipped out to stores just in time for that rumored April 22 launch date. Now all we need is the official word from […]

Daily Deal: 16GB GSM Galaxy Nexus On Sale For Just $429.99, Lowest Price Yet

Tweet Do you want arguably the best Android smartphone on the market right now? Do you want it for cheap? Well then today is your day ladies and gentlemen. The Galaxy Nexus has been hitting these daily deals and today’s is as low as we have seen it at $429.99. If you can’t remember the […]

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