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CyanogenMod For The T-Mobile Vibrant Dropped, Inability To Dial 911 To Blame

Tweet The T-Mobile Vibrant, the carriers variant of the Galaxy S, has officially been dropped from CyanogenMod. The Vibrant is no longer supported due to an issue with E911. Unfortunately, the device will remain unsupported until at least Samsung release the source code to correct the issue, at which time the CyanogenMod team will re-evaluate support for the Vibrant. We are […]

Samsung Vibrant 2.2 Update is Official, Only Available through Kies

Tweet I know it’s hard to believe, but Samsung is actually updating one of their Galaxy S devices to Froyo after months of rumors and silliness.  The Vibrant as you all know by now is up first, but don’t expect your phone to prompt you when the update is ready.  In fact, according to Sammie […]

Samsung Vibrant Froyo Update Coming Tomorrow?

Tweet T-Mobile’s CMO Cole Brodman confirmed to PCMag today that the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for the Samsung Vibrant is ready to go and should start popping up for consumption on devices tomorrow, January 21.  This news comes after a couple of weeks of ridiculous rumors, hatred towards Samsung and a bunch of silliness on […]

Samsung Vibrant 4G Hits FCC?

Tweet The Samsung SGH-T959V has taken its turn through the FCC and we’re all assuming this is the Vibrant 4G, the same device the sparked a class action lawsuit and some ridiculous “insider” rumors.  This revamped version of the 3G Vibrant will run on T-Mobile’s “4G” network, have a front facing  camera, and could possibly […]

T-Mobile Vibrant desktop dock arriving in stores

Tweet Here’s the accessory you’ve been waiting for Vibrant owners, an official dock. The dock does more than just hold and charge your phone, it acts as a desktop speaker phone as well. The dock also angles the phone for “optimum media viewing” and it automatically selects the dock feature on your phone when you […]

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