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Sony Ericsson Backtracks Again, Promises They Are Working On Ice Cream Sandwich For Xperias

Tweet We have heard Sony Ericsson was working on bringing Ice Cream Sandwich out to all of the Xperia phones, and then we heard that they were not. Then we heard that they were thinking about it. Now, the day after the source for ICS has been released, we have heard that they are working […]

Sony Xperia Devices To Receive Gingerbread, Plus More Features In October

Tweet Goods news from the Sony Ericsson camp today, is the announcement of the long overdue Gingerbread update for their line of Xperia handsets. In select markets, the phones will be getting a bump to Android 2.3.4, which will bring it right up to par with other current devices. Other handset owners might start finding themselves a bit jealous once […]

Xperia Play Commercial Sneaks Out, Poor Andy Gets Thumbed

Tweet The first commercial for the Xperia Play (Playstation Phone) has snuck onto YouTube and is 100% worth your time if you love anything that makes you feel a little dirty afterwards.  Who didn’t want to see Andy the Android with surgically added thumbs?  Scary.  

Playstation Phone Posts Weak Benchmark

Tweet We’re trying our best to not laugh our a**es off at the screenshot and video that have been released of the Playstation Phone (Zeus Z1) posting a 24.4 FPS in a Neocore Benchmark, but seriously can’t help ourselves.  I know this is an “early” build of the phone, but we’re seeing it pop up enough to […]

Playstation phone makes video appearance

Tweet Feast your eyes on a non-blurry video of the upcoming Sony Playstation phone. There’s been plenty of blurry-cam coverage of the “Zeus Z1″ in the past, but this video is the first that actually gives us a great look at the device itself. It’s cool to see that the phone actually sports the Playstation […]

Playstation Phone Makes Appearance Running Gingerbread?

Tweet Was the Playstation Phone just captured via spy cam?  That’s what Greek website Techblog will have you believe.  Now rumored to be called the Sony Ericsson Z1 (Zeus), the phone was apparently spotted running Gingerbread and looking incredibly polished.  While it’s pretty hard to tell from the blurry-cam video, you can sort of see […]

Additional PlayStation Phone Details Emerge, Will Fall Under Xperia Tag?

Tweet You have to wonder how much companies love to find ways to sneak out information on their upcoming products to simply take away sales from other companies with actual products on the shelves during these holiday seasons.  The PlayStation Phone is easily leading the charge as the most leaked device to finish out the […]

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