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Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone to be named ‘Xperia Play’ ?

Tweet We all know about Sony Ericsson’s Playstation Phone, it’s coming and it’s not really a secret. One thing that hasn’t been known is what exactly the devices name will be. Will it be called the “Playstation Phone” or something else? Well right now the odds are leaning towards it being called the “Xperia Play.” […]

Playstation Phone Posts Weak Benchmark

Tweet We’re trying our best to not laugh our a**es off at the screenshot and video that have been released of the Playstation Phone (Zeus Z1) posting a 24.4 FPS in a Neocore Benchmark, but seriously can’t help ourselves.  I know this is an “early” build of the phone, but we’re seeing it pop up enough to […]

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