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Due To Their Android Devices, Acer and Viewsonic Must Pay Microsoft

Tweet Microsoft continues to make money off of Android with Acer and Viewsonic being the latest victims. The two companies have agreed to pay the software giant an undisclosed fee for every Android device sold. Microsoft is said to make an estimated three to five times their Windows Phone revenue from an earlier deal with HTC. […]

Notion Ink’s Eden UI Ported to Viewsonic GTablet

Tweet The guys at XDA have done it again.  For those of you with a Viewsonic GTablet that want to experience the “Eden” UI that comes with the Notion Ink, the time is now.  Rather than actually buying an Adam and dealing with all of the ridiculousness that has surrounded it since day one, you […]

Staples Black Friday: 10in ViewSonic G tablet $399

Tweet Reasonable logic would lead you to think that this is ViewSonic ViewPad 10. But ViewSonic has another 10in tablet out there in the form of the G Tablet. For many, the G Tablet might actually be better buy, considering it drops the dual-booting functionality of the ViewPad 10 (with Android 1.6 and W7 Home […]

ViewSonic ViewPad 7 tablet now on Amazon for $599

Tweet Not happy with the fact that the US Galaxy Tab can’t make phone calls out of the box? (Check out our Verizon Galaxy Tab unboxing) Then head on over to Amazon and pick up the ViewSonic ViewPad 7 (and by pick it up I mean wait for it to get in stock).

ViewSonic ViewPad officially announced, 7in & 10.1in models

Tweet Well despite Samsung’s hopes, they’re not going to be the only ones with a 7in tablet this holiday season. That being said, say hello to the ViewSonic ViewPad. The ViewPad is going to come in two different sizes actually, a Galaxy Tab fighting 7in model and an iPad fighting 10.1in model (pictured above). So […]

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