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Thursday Poll: What Carrier Are You Using At The Moment?

Tweet Over here at AL, we like to stick to topics that relate to the other major carriers besides Verizon, seeing as how Droid Life has Big Red news on lock down. With so many great devices on a wide selection of carriers, we would love to hear which one you call your own. As […]

Wednesday Poll: Which Carrier’s Samsung Galaxy SII Has Your Name On It?

Tweet With Samsung’s line of SGSII coming state-side to 3 out of 4 major carriers, which one are you leaning more towards? We initially thought just the names could be different for the separate carriers, but now we are seeing that a variety of specs are also different. Sprint’s Epic Touch 4G is boasting a huge 4.52″ inch […]

So who got an Android device from Santa?

Tweet The holidays are over. As we recover from our over-eating (and over drinking) it’s time to get back to the real world. I’m sure your family is sick of you shoving your “best” present in their faces and saying “Look what I got!” or “Check this thing out.” Well now it’s time to tell […]

Try convincing your fiancé that you want an Android wedding cake

Tweet I’ve seen some nerdy wedding cakes in my time (Like this Mario Bros one, which is awesome by the way), but this one takes the cake. (get it?) The story goes like this; The groom, Andy works for LG, while the bride Kaylee works for T-Mobile. Since they’re both in the mobile scene, they […]

Tuesday Poll: Thoughts on the Samsung Nexus S?

Tweet With the Nexus S showing official face yesterday, there has been a lot of debating as to whether or not this device rocks.  The specs on it are impressive, but not game changing like they were with the original Nexus One.  Sure, they threw in a gyroscope, front facing camera, an NFC chip and […]

Snowman Android Collectible Coming from Dead Zebra

Tweet Those cute little Dead Zebra Android collectibles are back in time for the holidays as a cute little snowman Andy.  Pricing and availability have not been announced but should be in the next few days.  These things usually sell out in seconds, so stay close to the DZ blog for more info. Via:  AndroidGuys

What is Android? An in-depth look… with pictures!

Tweet Ever wonder what Android actually is? Is it a simple Linux distribution, Or is more a specialty operating system? What makes Android tick? Is it really open source? These are a lot of the questions that (tech) people bring up when talking about Android. After seeing the article “What is Android” from actual Android developer […]

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