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Rumored Date Surfaces For Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus, April 22nd Looking Good

Tweet Sprint hasn’t been quiet with regards to their move towards LTE in the near future. Arguably their biggest selling point once these LTE towers go up is the Galaxy Nexus that will be hitting the Now Network. Google’s flagship Ice Cream Sandwich phone is rumored to be hitting Sprint on April 22nd thanks to […]

Samsung To Unveil The Galaxy B At MWC, A Nearly Bezel-less Smartphone?

Tweet Rumors have been circling today that Samsung may be unveiling a smartphone with little to no bezel. The device is called the Galaxy B and if rumors out of Korea are true, we could see it unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Thanks to Google’s newest OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, manufacturers have been able to […]

T-Mobile Snatches Up All Domain Names Having To Do With “Prism”, Whatever Could It Mean?

Tweet Could T-Mobile be releasing a phone under the name of “Prism?” Maybe. It seems that T-Mo has filed for use of many websites with the combination of T-Mobile and Prism in the title: Does this mean we are going to be seeing a phone under that name anytime soon? T-Mobile […]

Samsung Lining Up A French Event For Mid-March, Galaxy SIII Probably Will Not Be There

Tweet Another week, another Galaxy SIII rumor. When we heard that there would be no SIII news at Mobile World Congress at the end of this month we were a little disappointed but since then, we have heard many different dates for when Samsung is planning an event. April, May and now we can add […]

Samsung Galaxy SII+ May Be In The Works, As If We Need More Phones And Names

Tweet AT&T had the Samsung Galaxy SII. And then they had the Galaxy SII Skyrocket. And then they had the Galaxy SII Skyrocket HD, and now we might have to add another phone to that list as well. A benchmarking site has just added a Galaxy SII+ to it’s list of phones that have been […]

Samsung Galaxy Note May Be Making It’s Way To Sprint?

Tweet Who needs the Galaxy Nexus when you can have the Galaxy Note? Bigger screen and faster processor and you get a nifty little pen included in the package. The Note has yet to be announced anywhere officially in the United States but a rumor has it that it may be headed to Sprint sometime […]

Rumor: Sprint Willing To Activate Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus On Their Network?

Tweet Don’t just file this under rumor but lets label it a mega-rumor that should be taken with a rather large grain of salt. Numerous Sprint customers and employees have reached out to our friends at Phandroid and informed them that Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus can be activated on the Now Network. The reports are sourcing […]

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