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Review: Samsung Galaxy Note – AT&T

Tweet This is it. The inevitability of an idea as long as Android phones were getting larger and larger. Samsung released the Galaxy Note for the grey area between the phone and the tablet that most of us didn’t know existed. This 5.3″ stylus-infused “phablet” polarized the Android community; you either hate it or love it. Where […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Unboxing and Quick Hands-On

Tweet Here it is! The Samsung Galaxy Note, which has caused the world hand cramps trying to hold it is finally in our own hands. Out now for AT&T for $299.99 with a 2 year contract, this 5.3″ device is looking to span the divide between phone and tablet. The AT&T version is rocking a […]

Logitech Has Run Out Of Revue Stock, Let Us All Have A Moment Of Silence

Tweet Google TV was far from perfect, as with many first generation new technologies there were some growing pains. Even still, the Logitech Revue won over many hearts when it dropped to it’s $99 price. And when the device finally got the update to Honeycomb it was even better, but it was too late. Logitech […]

Mobile ODIN Allows You To Flash Almost Anything To Your Samsung Phone – No Computer Needed

Tweet The worst part about flashing ROMs and partitions and caches is it is difficult/unsafe sometimes to do away from a computer. XDA user extraordinaire Chainfire has come up with a solution for everyone who just has to have every firmware leak as soon as it happens. Mobile ODIN is an application that allows you to […]

Samsung Galaxy SII Review – T-Mobile

Tweet T-Mobile has a great lineup of Android phones, plain and simple. But nearly their entire lineup of devices looked puny as soon as the Samsung Galaxy SII arrived. We have talked of our love for the Galaxy SII series of phones quite a bit around here so when we had one arrive for our […]

AT&T’s “Toggle” Sees You On Phone At Work, Tells You To Be Productive

Tweet AT&T announced today that they will be releasing a feature for Android smartphones that allow them to switch between a phone for work and a phone for play. The software is called “AT&T Toggle” and is open for Android phones 2.2 and up. The idea is that when you go into work, you flick […]

The Competition: HP TouchPad Review

Tweet On the first of July, HP launched their much awaited “iPad killer”, the TouchPad. The tablet was welcomed with mixed reviews and poor sales. When HP dropped the price by $100 consumers still did not budge. However, 48 days after launch, HP decided to leave the hardware business and abandoned the TouchPad. What came next […]

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