T-Mobile Rolling Out Galaxy SII Update, No Ice Cream Sandwich Inside

In the past week, “T-Mobile” and “updates” used in the same sentence have meant Ice Cream Sandwich for a large population of users. Unfortunately though, the Samsung Galaxy SII will not be seeing the same love with the update that is rolling out now. T-Mo is pushing a bug fixing update to the phone with the build number T989UVLDE. Not much is fixed but there is a change to stop random reboots and stability improvements overall which are both welcome additions. Head to the “About phone” section in your settings to pull the update now. (more…)

T999 Confirmed For T-Mobile’s Galaxy SIII, Amazon And Bluetooth SIG Let It Slip

The guys over at TmoNews had a very strong feeling that the Samsung Galaxy SIII would come to the magenta carrier under the model number T999, and it seems that they were right. The T999V was spotted in a few places around the internet under the SIII name. The Bluetooth verification for the phone has it fingered under this model number and Amazon has a list of accessories as well under the same moniker. Mums the word on launch date but we’re getting closer. Anyone looking to pick this up on T-Mobile when it launches this summer?

Via: TmoNews

Reminder: HTC Amaze 4G Ice Cream Sandwich Available For Download Today

T-Mobile and HTC are working hard this week. Pushing the update to the HTC Sensation 4G only a few days ago, the HTC Amaze 4G is now ready for the Ice Cream Sandwich spotlight, and it’s available whenever you want to download it. The update brings the Amaze to Android 4.0.3 and Software version 2.14.531.3710RD. All you have to do is head to settings>about phone>HTC system updates and you will be set.

Via: TmoNews

Galaxy Notes Getting New Back Cover To Get Ready For Upcoming Olympic Games

If you thought that it was weird that Acer slapped the Olympic rings on the back of their A510 tablet (our review here), then this is going to seem even more confusing. Samsung has announced that Galaxy Notes in the UK will be receiving Olympic packs that come with different designed back pieces that feature UK designs. There’s even supposed to be a Olympic skin on the phone as well. We’re not sure if you can get your hands on this pack outside of the UK but everyone at the Olympics will be receiving this. What do you think about special edition back plates?

Via: Phandroid

T-Mobile UK Has The Galaxy SIII Up For Pre-Order Already, Getting Ready For May 29 Release

We’re getting closer and closer to the launch of the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy SIII. And by “we” I mean the rest of the world because the US launch will be sometime later, who knows how much later at this point. But T-Mobile UK now has the phone up for pre-order on their site, with the expected shipping date of May 30. You can choose between Pebble Blue and Marble White and then it’s just a waiting game. We are all a little anxious to have this phone in our hands.

Via: Engadget | T-Mobile

Reports Of The HTC Ville C Leak Out, Cheaper One S With A Newer Version Of Sense?

When we were first hearing of the prototypes and codenames that would eventually be the HTC One phones, the HTC Ville ended up being the One S. The One S ended up being the mid-range phone of the One series as compared to the One X and One V, but it looks like HTC has another phone up their sleeve with the leak of the Ville C’s specs.

Billed as “a cheaper One S” this phone has some specs that would seem to contradict that. Sense 4.5 is apparently already in the works and billed for this phone, rocking a 4.3″AMOLED screen with qHD resolution. 1GB of RAM and a Snapdragon S3 processor that say is clocked at 1.7GHz, but we’re hearing it’s supposed to be 1.2 and that is a typo. It has Android 4.0 already on-board and a 8MP camera that can shoot 1080p video. A lot of power for a “cheaper One S” so we’ll have to see what this phone is all about. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more.

Via: BriefMobile

‘Due To High Cost’ Sprint Is Doing Away With Early Upgrades Starting On June 1

The guys over at TechnoBuffalo have come across a report that says in moving towards a strategy to cut costs, Sprint will no longer offer early upgrades to their customers. The policy that is dying is the fact that if you were within two weeks of your upgrade, Sprint would let you do it early, but that will soon exist no longer. Sprint says the practice was to help customers with broken phones but they now have other services for that. I hope that no one was planning on using this for the EVO 4G LTE, who knows when that will officially be on sale now.

Via: TechnoBuffalo

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