Confirmed: ICS Rolling Out To Sensation 4G Users Now, Amaze 4G To Receive Update May 21

More of a reminder than anything because we reported on it a few days ago, but if you have an HTC Sensation 4G from T-Mobile check your system update menu as soon as possible. Android 4.0 is waiting for you on the other side with huge improvements to your phone, and an upgrade to Sense as well. Why are you still reading? Go!

The other question remains about the HTC Amaze 4G, and we have heard news since earlier this week. The Amaze is slated to get the bump to ICS on May 21st. If you can wait one week you can enjoy Android 4.0 and all the awesome that it brings.

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Sprint Confirms EVO 4G LTE Delay Due To ITC Investigation, Promises Shipments ‘As Soon As Possible’

Apple certainly threw a wrench in Sprint’s plan to launch the HTC EVO 4G LTE this week. Previously slated to launch May 18, an ITC investigation into HTC’s alleged infringements upon Apple patents has held up shipments at customs until some ruling is reached. Sprint has come out and confirmed that the launch is delayed, but they urge customers to stay on-board, especially those who pre-ordered the device:

Sprint will maintain the promise for the preorder customers that they will be among the first to receive their HTC EVO 4G LTE units.

This is unfortunate for the launch of the HTC One X in the US, since it has been so highly praised. Let’s hope that this doesn’t drag out and keep fantastic devices out of people’s hands.

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CyanogenMod 9 Nightly Drops For The HTC Sensation, In Case You Can’t Wait Until Wednesday

Hot on the heels of T-Mobile announcing today that the HTC Sensation 4G would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich May 16, CyanogenMod 9 has hit the device officially. In case you wanted stock ICS over the Sense 3.6 infused upgrade that T-Mobile has coming you can get the download hot off the preses now at their download center.


Sprint to Drop Samsung Epic 4G Touch and HTC EVO Design 4G Prices On May 18

According to the above image, Sprint is to drop the price via mail in rebate of two popular devices on May 18 to possibly make way for the HTC EVO 4G LTE, which is to launch on that same day. The devices getting dropped a bit are the Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy SII variant) and the HTC EVO Design 4G. If the Epic 4G Touch was on your shopping list, now would be the time.

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Save Some Battery On Your HTC One S With This Auto-Brightness Patch

The HTC One S has only bee out for a short time but already the modding community has got its hands on the thing and started going through its code. One small patch that has come from this is one that controls the auto-brightness of the phone. XDA user he_stheone64 looked through some of the levels and did some tweaking between 10 and 20% less bright than what HTC had originally. Since the biggest battery sucker on all phones is the screen, this can save you an estimated 10% of battery life on a charge. Not bad. Full instructions including a “back to stock” zip await you at XDA below. But please, always make a back-up before you do anything crazy.

Via: XDA

What Is The Mysterious Samsung T699 Coming To T-Mobile?

A rogue user agent string was sniffed out by the ninjas at TmoNews that has us all a little confused. It’s a Samsung device that has a 1280×720 screen with an ARM11 chipset inside. With the recent announcement of the Galaxy SIII you might think that T-Mobile is gearing up for the SIII launch, but TmoNews is firm in their belief the SIII will launch under the T999 model number. Where does that leave the T699?

How about a Galaxy Nexus? The description fits: same screen resolution and chipset so it’s possible. The unlocked Galaxy Nexus already works on T-Mo’s spectrum but could the magenta carrier be making things officially and launching the phone themselves? This is all opinion and speculation at this point but there is possibility. T-Mobile customers; do you want your carrier picking up the Galaxy Nexus or focusing on the next Nexus?

Via: TmoNews

International Galaxy Note Gets First Taste Of CyanogenMod 9 Nightly, Come And Get It!

Love it or hate it, the Galaxy Note did well enough to capture more than a few people that laid eyes or hands on it. For those who did end up picking up this phablet, the international version (model number N7000), can now put some stock Ice Cream Sandwich in form of CyanogenMod 9 if TouchWiz just isn’t your thing. Be forewarned however, this is a nightly build so there may be a few rough edges to this zip, but if you want to stay on the cutting edge of all this you can flash it now. Hit up CyanogenMod’s download center below to get started.


Via: AndroidPolice

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