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Galaxy SIII’s TouchWiz UX Available For Galaxy SII Or Galaxy Note, If TouchWiz Is Your Thing

Tweet The poor Galaxy SIII is being picked through every inch before it even hits our greedy little hands. Today, XDA has a few of the new version of TouchWiz for you if you have the predecessor, the Galaxy SII, or the Galaxy Note. The overall feel of TouchWiz has been upgrade over the earlier versions, […]

Galaxy Notes Getting New Back Cover To Get Ready For Upcoming Olympic Games

Tweet If you thought that it was weird that Acer slapped the Olympic rings on the back of their A510 tablet (our review here), then this is going to seem even more confusing. Samsung has announced that Galaxy Notes in the UK will be receiving Olympic packs that come with different designed back pieces that […]

International Galaxy Note Gets First Taste Of CyanogenMod 9 Nightly, Come And Get It!

Tweet Love it or hate it, the Galaxy Note did well enough to capture more than a few people that laid eyes or hands on it. For those who did end up picking up this phablet, the international version (model number N7000), can now put some stock Ice Cream Sandwich in form of CyanogenMod 9 […]

Leaked Screenshots Point Towards An Unannounced T-Mobile Galaxy Note Variant

Tweet The Samsung Galaxy Note is a polarizing device, some say it’s too big and some say that they like it. It has made enough sales though that AT&T is doing well with it and if this leaked screenshot is to be believed, it could be coming to T-Mobile as well. The main smoking gun […]

Sprint Website Hosts A Samsung Galaxy Note Appearance, Could It Be Possible?

Tweet Now before everyone on Sprint hits the streets jumping for joy, note that this could just be a simple mistake by a graphic designer. On Sprint’s website, there is an advertisement for Sprint’s Mobile Control. On it, is a picture of a nice young lady standing next to an enlarged Samsung Galaxy Note. Some would […]

Official Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich Build Leaks, Available For Flashing Now

Tweet We have seen leaks of Android 4.0 for the monstrous Galaxy Note before but with the timetable going on, this one is looking official. Our good friends over at RootzWiki have come across a leaked firmware build for the American version of the Note, and it’s available for flashing whenever you like, as long as you […]

Peter the Elephant Thinks “Bigger is Better,” Samsung Feels That You Should Too

Tweet There is nothing better than seeing a massive elephant play with a Galaxy Note. It’s funny, after watching the video above, you get the feeling that this device could have actually been made for an elephant. Come on, he even works the stylus with ease. Forget the smartphone, I want the smart elephant! Cheers […]

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