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Galaxy SIII’s TouchWiz UX Available For Galaxy SII Or Galaxy Note, If TouchWiz Is Your Thing

Tweet The poor Galaxy SIII is being picked through every inch before it even hits our greedy little hands. Today, XDA has a few of the new version of TouchWiz for you if you have the predecessor, the Galaxy SII, or the Galaxy Note. The overall feel of TouchWiz has been upgrade over the earlier versions, […]

T-Mobile Rolling Out Galaxy SII Update, No Ice Cream Sandwich Inside

Tweet In the past week, “T-Mobile” and “updates” used in the same sentence have meant Ice Cream Sandwich for a large population of users. Unfortunately though, the Samsung Galaxy SII will not be seeing the same love with the update that is rolling out now. T-Mo is pushing a bug fixing update to the phone […]

XDA Finds Official ICS Leak For AT&T Galaxy SII, Easily Flashable Whenever You Like

Tweet Ice Cream Sandwich for all! The Samsung Galaxy SII has many variants but the one seeing a leaked ICS upgrade today is the AT&T version that does not have LTE installed. This is for the first SII and updates you to Android 4.0.3 and includes some goodies as well: It’s Rooted It’s Deodexed (For […]

CyanogenMod 9 Nightlies Are Now Live For The AT&T Galaxy SII

Tweet The day of deliverance is here, if you have the Samsung Galaxy SII from AT&T. CyanogenMod has announced that nightly builds of CM9 are now live and available for download through their mirror network for the Galaxy SII. This build, unlike the leaks that we have seen from Samsung themselves, is stock Ice Cream Sandwich, no […]

Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade Available For Galaxy SII For Some UK Owners

Tweet All the things are lining up to show that ICS might be coming out officially for phones starting here pretty soon. If you are on Three network over in the UK and have the Galaxy SII, you can get it this morning if you want. All it takes is a computer and a USB […]

T-Mobile And Sprint Galaxy SII Receive XDA Love, De-Bloat One And ICS Leak For The Other

Tweet Today is a good day to own the Samsung Galaxy SII if you have it on Sprint or T-Mobile. The ever-vigilant developers over at XDA have produced two things that owners might find very useful. The first tool deals with the T-Mobile SGSII and will help you remove the bloatware that T-Mo is notorious […]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket HD Passes Through FCC, Too Late For This Phone?

Tweet When the Galaxy SII launched on AT&T, it was a perfectly great phone by itself, but it could have been better. So AT&T released the Galaxy SII Skyrocket, which included LTE into the equation. But the screen wasn’t as good as it could have been. Now AT&T is releasing the Skyrocket HD which has […]

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