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Reminder: Galaxy Nexus And LG Viper Now On Sale From Sprint, The LTE Era Begins

Tweet Just a friendly reminder for you all to start this week. The LTE era has officially begun at Sprint, even if the towers aren’t lit up yet. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the LG Viper 4G LTE are now on sale from the Now Network. The Google flagship phone that was the first to […]

T-Mobile Touts Its HSPA+ Speeds Against Everyone Else’s 3G, We Scratch Our Heads

Tweet Buried in all the press about Carly getting on her motorcycle yesterday was the fact that T-Mobile was going to start calling out the other carriers on how fast their 4G networks are. An interesting fight to pick considering that T-Mobile’s “4G” is only HSPA+ and AT&T and Verizon’s is LTE. Well, LTE is […]

Sprint Launching LG Viper 4G LTE April 22 For $99.99, The LTE Era Begins

Tweet After all the press that Sprint has put out around the LG Viper 4G LTE, there isn’t much surprise here with the official launch press release, but we do know that it will be in-stores on April 22 and is available for pre-order today. After a $50 mail-in rebate you will be getting the […]

US Cellular Drags The Droid Charge Back From The Dead, Names It The Galaxy S Aviator

Tweet US Cellular is moving forward with their 4G LTE network plans and starting to bolster their line up with devices. After securing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with LTE packed inside, the regional carrier has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S Aviator will be their next LTE device. They have pulled the DROID Charge’s body […]

AT&T Lighting Up 3 New LTE Markets On April 8, 4G Rollout Continues Onward

Tweet AT&T is playing catch up in the race to cover the country in 4G LTE airwaves but they are working pretty hard. They recently announced that 3 new cities will be enjoying the fast download speeds on their phones, should they have an LTE device. On April 8 these new markets will be going […]

HTC EVO One Pictured, Will Sprint Launch Their One X Variant Tomorrow?

Tweet Now that the HTC One X has launched overseas, the next question for us is “when will we see it Stateside?” AT&T is getting the One XL at some point soon, and we saw HTC and Sprint sent out press invites for an event to announce something they have been working on together. The press […]

Sprint Throws In The Towel With WiMax, Promises Us 15 LTE Devices Before The End Of This Year

Tweet We saw this one coming a while back, but it’s getting closer now. Sprint is slowly gearing down on WiMax, the first 4G signal to ever grace an Android phone. In a recent interview, senior vice president of networks Bob Azzi said that no more WiMax will be released from here on out, that means […]

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