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Sprint Planning To Use NFC In Their New LTE Phones, Google Wallet Not Far Behind

Tweet Sprint is drumming up some excitement about their upcoming LTE smartphones today. News today is that in an interview with a Sprint marketing director, NFC will be playing a huge part in Sprint’s new LTE phones that are coming down the pipe. Trevor Van Norman said that almost all of their upcoming handsets will feature […]

Sprint Says No More WiMAX Phones, Betting The Farm On LTE

Tweet Never mind the fact that Sprint inked a deal to keep their WiMAX network up and running for a few more years, it seems that the Now Network has realized that LTE is the future and are planning on joining Verizon and AT&T in that regard. A Sprint VP David Owens has come out […]

Sprint Officially Announces Galaxy Nexus And LTE, Fireworks Ensue

Tweet Congratulations Sprint, you are the first carrier to announce the Galaxy Nexus officially after a period of time where Verizon had exclusive rights to it in the United States. We already knew that that Sprint was going to push their LTE network this year but the carrier was quiet on devices. What better way […]

AT&T Lights Up 11 New LTE Markets, New York City Metro And Los Angeles Included

Tweet Just because 2011 is over does not mean that AT&T is going to stop on their march to blanket the country in a blue LTE blanket. Big Blue announced today that their brand new LTE market is going live in 11 new markets today, including two big ones; New York City and Los Angeles. […]

Sprint’s First Batch Of LTE Towers Goes Up In Illinois, Wondering Where All The Phones Are

Tweet Kankakee, Illinois. If you live in that town a little while south of Chicago then you should be excited, Sprint’s first set of LTE towers have gone up and live in your town. Sprint is currently deploying “multi-modular functionality” that includes LTE signal being broadcast to their subscribers. This functionality will lead to wider […]

T-Mobile Needs It’s Own LTE Network Now That AT&T Is Gone, Might Cost Them $9 Billion

Tweet AT&T is out of the picture now, so T-Mobile cannot use their LTE network to provide for their customers. The question is, how much will it cost T-Mobile to build this new LTE network? The carrier that is known for their HSPA+ is going to have to shell out some money to do so, […]

Sprint Drops $926 Million On Clearwire WiMax Coverage, Will Last Until 2015

Tweet Even though Sprint publicly said they were moving to LTE next year, it seems that the company can’t quit Clearwire, the company that provides their 4G WiMax network, just yet. Sprint and Clearwire just agreed on a deal, costing Sprint almost 1 billion dollars, that promises that Sprint will have unlimited WiMax network capabilities through Clearwire […]

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