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AT&T’s Upcoming HTC One X Pictured, Dual-Core and LTE Onboard

Tweet Here is the HTC ONE X as it will be seen on AT&T’s 4G LTE network later this year. Exactly the same as the international version, except instead of a NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, it will be handling the LTE duties with a 1.5GHz dual-core chip. The only outside difference people will notice is […]

HTC EVO One Pictured, Will Sprint Launch Their One X Variant Tomorrow?

Tweet Now that the HTC One X has launched overseas, the next question for us is “when will we see it Stateside?” AT&T is getting the One XL at some point soon, and we saw HTC and Sprint sent out press invites for an event to announce something they have been working on together. The press […]

Sony Xperia S Beats HTC One X In Camera Speed Test Thanks To Dedicated Camera Button

Tweet The HTC One X officially took over the Android world yesterday with its launch overseas, and now comes the process of stacking it up against every other manufacturer’s phones. The One X’s camera with Imagesense is nothing to laugh at but is it the fastest at taking pictures? It was stacked up against the […]

Best Buy Says That AT&T HTC One XL Will Be Available May 6, Who Is Ready?

Tweet The HTC One XL is a fresh face in a time where we aren’t seeing a lot of new phones coming out. The LTE infused, Snapdragon powered handset is going to be the flagship for HTC on AT&T instead of the quad-core Tegra 3 version that doesn’t have LTE. The problem is, we don’t […]

AT&T HTC One XL Benchmarked, Blowing Away Other Phones Already

Tweet The HTC One series is looking to make a splash with their arrival and there are lots of reasons to anticipate these phones on your carrier. The strongest phone of the One family is the One X, and is coming to AT&T in the form of the One XL and the benchmarks are looking […]

Sprint And HTC To Show They’re New Creation April 4, Could It Be Their One X?

Tweet The good men over at Phandroid have just been invited to an event in New York City April 4 where HTC and Sprint are teaming up for something. Details are scarce because this is just an invitation to the even but we have a pretty good feeling what it will be, Sprint’s own HTC […]

HTC One X Rooted Before It’s Even Released, When Will They Unlock The Bootloader?

Tweet With a big enough phone coming out, there are sure to be Android developers flocking to it to see what they can do. The HTC One series is looking to be quite the line-up, with the One X leading the pack. That being said, the leader of this new series of phones has already […]

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