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Republic Wireless Getting Rid of Cellular Use Index, Going Truly Unlimited For Their Customers

Tweet A lot of to do was made when people joined in on the Republic Wireless beta and found out that their cell minutes were not really “unlimited” like the company had promised. Long story short, Republic had it set up to where the more you used WiFi calling, the more minutes you got allocated […]

Republic Wireless’ LG Optimus S Rooted, Lets You Really Stick It To The Man

Tweet Republic Wireless burst onto the scene a few weeks ago promising freedom from the big carrier’s contracts as we know it. Well it has been just long enough for the Android developer community to get their hands on the first phone offered, an LG Optimus S, and root it. What you are left with […]

First Look: Republic Wireless, Hints Of CyanogenMod Within

Tweet Republic Wireless took the media by storm when they announced their WiFi-driven unlimited text, talk, and web plan for only $19 a month. News outlets and bloggers alike were witnessing a revolution in the wireless industry. Unfortunately, there were a few catches – for one if you went over 300MB per month you would […]

Republic Wireless’ First Phone Is The LG Optimus, Enough To Make The Switch?

Tweet Well, the revolution is on and it is certainly being televised. Yesterday, start-up wireless carrier Republic Wireless started sending out invitations to their new way of doing cell phone plans. A $99 phone and $19 a month for a phone that switches between WiFi calling for most of the heavy lifting and cell phone […]

Republic Wireless Offer Emails Begin To Rollout

Tweet Last week we told you about Republic Wireless, the new company that is looking to revolutionize the mobile world by offering unlimited everything plans for just $19 a month. Rumor has it that the revolution is set to begin November 8 – tomorrow. Users who signed up on the Republic Wireless website have begun […]

Republic Wireless Calls For Revolutionary War Against Traditional Cell Phone Plans

Tweet Feel like the plans that carriers offer these days are just too locked-down? Do you need some freedom? Republic Wireless is looking to change all of that for you. The rumor is, they are launching a plan on November 8 that will cost you the low, low price of $19; and that $19 gets […]

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