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Video: Amaze 4G Gets Sense 4.0 Thanks To XDA, Since HTC Won’t Do It Themselves

Tweet The HTC Amaze 4G may have just gotten it’s official bump to Android 4.0.3 the other day, but that did not come with Sense 4.0. Arguably their best Sense to-date is not going to be included on any of their older phones. It is being saved for the new One series of phones. If […]

Video: Mid-Range HTC One V Will Actually Run Sense 4.0 Instead Of 3.6

Tweet When HTC’s One series was announced, the low-end phone on the spectrum, the One V, was said to only run Sense 3.6 when it launched. This was kind of a disappointment but no surprise, until MobileSyrup got their hands on the device. They saw that it was running Android 4.0.3 and Sense 4.0 side-by-side.

Rumor Time: HTC One X May Be Coming To T-Mobile, Quad-Core And Stock Android 4.0

Tweet Take this as a major rumor, but it is just too big not to pass along. We already know that T-Mobile will be acquiring HTC’s new mid-range phone, the One S, but after that we heard that the high-end One X was only destined for AT&T. Rumors have since leaked out that this might […]

T-Mobile Acquires HTC One S, Smaller In Size But Still Pretty Powerful

Tweet HTC opened up the floodgates over the weekend, dousing us in information about their recently leaked phones. The “One” series looks to bring back good hardware with their fourth version of Sense. The One S is rocking a 4.3″ screen inside an aluminum body, and as we heard before, this will be HTC’s thinnest […]

HTC One X Gets First Press Image and One S Gets Benchmarked, Both Looking Good

Tweet Well hello there. What we are looking at is the One X, or the phone formerly known as the Endeavor which has reportedly taken a name change on before being launched. First things first, this phone will be running Sense 4.0 when it does get officially announced, the new action bar at the bottom gives […]

HTC Endeavor RUU Leaks, Shows Us The Beauty Of Quad-Core, Android 4.0 And Sense 4.0

Tweet Holy leaks Batman! Over the weekend an RUU of the yet-to-be-announced HTC Endeavor was leaked and the sneaky Android community took those raw files and packed them together well enough for us to get a great look at HTC’s new phone. The cobbled together ROM confirmed what we were all curious about: this phone […]

Sense 4.0 Gets First Impressions, Trying To Be More Mature As A Manufacturer Skin

Tweet HTC’s Sense 3.5 has barely hit phones and now we are hearing rumors that Sense 4.0 is out there being tested already and being put through it’s paces. The guys over at Pocketnow got to see an early non-final build of the new operating system that is supposedly going to ship on the upcoming […]

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