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Galaxy SIII’s TouchWiz UX Available For Galaxy SII Or Galaxy Note, If TouchWiz Is Your Thing

Tweet The poor Galaxy SIII is being picked through every inch before it even hits our greedy little hands. Today, XDA has a few of the new version of TouchWiz for you if you have the predecessor, the Galaxy SII, or the Galaxy Note. The overall feel of TouchWiz has been upgrade over the earlier versions, […]

Samsung Official 4.0.1 And 4.0.3 ROMs Leak For Galaxy SII

Tweet Who wants some TouchWiz on their Ice Cream Sandwich? I’m sure there aren’t too many hands raised out there but so people do like to keep their phone stock while still staying updated with Android’s current versions. A few ROMs have been leaked for the Galaxy SII with Samsung’s name all over the build, […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus Shows Up For Pre-Order, No Release Date In Sight

Tweet Are you guys ready for the revival of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab? The Galaxy Tab 7 Plus has shown up on Amazon and is ready for all of your pre-orders, but unfortunately there is no release date set for this device yet. The 16GB version starts at $399 with the 32GB version running […]

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